18-Month or 18,000 Mile Limited Warranty

Below are items that are covered and not covered in your 18 months or 18,000-mile limited warranty.


Items covered for 18 months or 18,000 miles whichever comes first from the time of purchase:

~ Internal engine
~ Internal Transmission


Items bolted or attached to the engine are not covered. Examples of these items are:

~ Alternators
~ Water pumps
~ Power steering pumps
~ Battery
~ Exhaust systems
~ Catalytic converter

How the warranty process works

If you believe you have an item that needs repair that is, or is not, covered under the warranty please contact Jakes Auto Mall to set up an appointment. Not only is our service shop here to service your warranty needs but other repairs as well. As an appreciation for purchasing your vehicle through us, we will service it at a discounted rate.